Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Introduction to Law Faculty of Law LAW 101 Spring 2017
Odewale, Olanike
Economics School of Arts and Science ECO 201 2 Spring Semester 2016
John, Leonard
Prof. Leonard John Course Reserve for ECO 201
Environmental Sciences School of Arts and Science NES 201 1 Spring Semester 2016
Baker, Lynne
Che, Jennifer
Prof. Jennifer Che and Lynne Baker Course Reserve for Spring 2016
Statistics School of Arts and Science Stat 101
Linus , Udoh
Course Reserve for STAT 101
Business Ethic of Social Responsibility School of Business GMT 360 Fall 2017 This is the text the professor (Jainaba Kah) is using for the course GMT 360
International Business School of Business MGT 300 1 Spring Semester 2016
Mbah, Chris
Prof. Chris Mbah course reserve for Spring 2016
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